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Laser therapy: a summary and case studies

Our goal at Eagle Animal Hospital is to continually offer the best medicine to our clients for their pets. The use of laser therapy is a powerful tool in providing relief of pain and swelling. The laser decreases inflammation and is a superior method to heal wounds or injuries.

Here is a list of the top 10 beneficial effects of laser therapy:

1. Relieves Pain

2. Reduces inflammation

3. Accelerates tissue repair and cell growth

4. Improves circulation

5. Increases cellular activity

6. Reduces scar tissue formation

7. Improves nerve function

8. Accelerates wound healing

9. Stimulates the production of immune cells

10. Stimulates acupuncture and trigger points.

As you can see, the therapy laser is a non invasive modality that initiates the healing process on multiple levels.

Our laser treatment program is unique to each pet. The number and frequency of treatments will be determined by your veterinarian, here at Eagle Animal Hospital, based on your pet’s medical condition and needs. Many treatments take only a few minutes.

One of our first patients we used the laser on is Leo. He is an adult dog who developed an infection (abscess) with his scrotum and surrounding area. He was treated with the laser every other day for 4 treatments. His swollen scrotum decreased in size dramatically and he appeared significantly more comfortable. Please note the before and after pictures.

Fenix, a senior dog, developed a lick granuloma on the top of his carpus (wrist). This is a firm, raised, ulcerative, thickened plaque. These result in excessive licking and chewing of the affected area and occur more often in allergic pets. These can be difficult to treat and can require long term medication. Here is a picture of Fenix prior to laser therapy and again now, during therapy. He is no longer licking and it is beginning to heal.


We are excited about this new adjunctive treatment we offer and will continue to post more before and after stories.

Please contact us at Eagle Animal Hospital for more information or to schedule your pet for this wonderful service. Our team will be happy to assist you. We serve Chester Springs, Downingtown, Exton, Glenmoore and the surrounding area.

Written by Jennifer Granite, VMD


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