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Posted on 02-14-2014

Many owners are afraid to put their pets under anesthesia even if it is for a surgery that is routinely done, such as a neuter or spay. Our veterinarians at Eagle Animal Hospital take many precautions to insure that all pets are safe. Before surgery, a pre-anesthetic profile is done. This is blood work that shows the health of your pet is internal organs. The blood panel reveals glucose levels, red blood cell and white blood cell counts, kidney and liver , as well as the ability to clot blood. Once we confirm these values are all within normal limits, we can proceed with surgery.

During surgery, an IV catheter is put into the pet's front limb. This allows for fluids to be given to balance the increase and decrease of blood pressure and enhance blood flow to all vital organs. Also, if other types of medications are needed to be given during surgery, an IV catheter is essential. A veterinary technician anesthetist is constantly monitoring the heart rate, the amount of oxygenated blood( by using a pulse ox meter), blood pressure, respiratory rate, and carbon dioxide levels. These are all looked over through the use of a digital blood pressure and pulse ox machine, a continuously flowing EKG (electrocardiogram) and a stethoscope.
As you can see, doing blood work before surgery is key. Without the blood work, your pet could be at a higher risk of endangerment during the procedure. However, if your pet is healthy on the exam and has normal blood work then the nurse anesthetist will more accurately be able to monitor your pet by using these various machines. So this then allows for a full and uneventful recovery.
If you have any questions or concerns about this blood panel or anesthesia, please contact Eagle Animal Hospital at 610-458-8789.
Written by,
Audrey Keruly, Receptionist

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