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Posted on 01-09-2015

Welcome to 2015! We hope you and your pets all enjoyed your New Year's celebrations. Our first topic of the new year is going to be an exciting new option for your dog's flea and tick prevention needs!

Up until now, flea and tick prevention for dogs was limited to topical medications. You may be familiar with brand names like Frontline, Parastar, or Vectra. These liquid products are applied to the dog's skin, and give protection for one month. These topical preventatives are, in general, quite safe and effective. However, for the first time, there is now a new type of preventative available to choose from! We are now carrying the new oral preventative called Bravecto. This is a flavored chew that your dog can take as a treat to protect him or her from fleas and ticks without any topical application!

Bravecto is different from topical prevention in several important ways. Since it is an oral medication, there is no messy application, and you don't need to worry about preventing anyone in your family from touching the dog while you wait for it to dry. This can be very useful for families with young children. Bravecto can also be helpful for dogs that are bathed often, or go swimming on a regular basis. While the topical preventatives are designed to be somewhat water resistant, frequent bathing or swimming can result in a faster decrease in efficacy towards the end of the month. Bravecto's protection against fleas and ticks also lasts longer than topical options – one chew will protect your dog for three whole months!

The other important difference between Bravecto and topical preventatives is how they contact the fleas or ticks that may come into contact with your dog. Topical preventatives have ingredients that start to work on the parasites immediately after they land on the animal, since the medications are already in the hair coat. Bravecto's medication is in the bloodstream, which means that the flea or tick must bite in order to come into contact with the medication. However, once a bite occurs, Bravecto is extremely fast acting. In order to transmit tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease or Anaplasmosis, a tick must take a full "blood meal" from an animal. This takes about 24 hours to accomplish. In clinical studies, Bravecto has been shown to kill ticks in less than 12 hours, before they can take a blood meal and transmit dangerous diseases.

If you're interested in learning more about Bravecto or have any questions, we'd be happy to help you determine if oral flea and tick prevention is right for your dog. We will also continue to carry topical options if you prefer to continue with your current parasite prevention protocol. We look forward to helping your dog find the right options for your lifestyle! We serve Chester Springs, Downingtown, Exton, Glenmoore and the surrounding area.

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