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Posted on 08-19-2011

If everyone in the world had picked up a daisy and thought of Frasier Miner, they would have plucked each petal and said, "He loves me. He loves me. He loves me!" That is, if our Frasier had, had more time with us, lots of travel plans and unlimited sky miles. I can't imagine anything in the world that would have made Frasier more happy than to have met each of you.

The "Best dog in the world" as I called him, left us recently after succumbing to a lengthy illness. He is no longer in our sight but the eyes of our memory can still see him. We can no longer hear him but our ears still resound with his happy clamoring. We can no longer feel his warmth but we know that our hearts will forever be warmed by his unconditional love.frasier__2__1.jpg

And this, I decided, was the thing that was so remarkable about this dog. He personified unconditional love on two fronts. First, Frasier never set the bar very high for anyone to be worthy of his love. If you were somewhere close to having one head, two arms, and two legs then you met his conditions. But, I'm sure, that was definitely negotiable.

This dog was a four legged party waiting to happen. When you walked into a room where Frasier was, his face sent you an open invitation. He pulled you in by an irresistible force that rendered you powerless against his big slobbery greeting that extended to his toggling nub of a tail. His body would wriggle and dance and his tongue would lap at his guest of honor, "Surprise! Happy Birthday To You!" "I am so glad you were born! I love you!" If he saw you every day then he made sure you were celebrated every day.

The other half of the unconditional love was it didn't matter to him what "his" condition was. He still acted and reacted selflessly without regard to how he must have felt physically at times. I had known Frasier for over six years. I had seen him go through some challenging medical issues from serious joint problem, to a tumor in the mandible that required a treatment plan of removing part of his lower jaw. His owner was feeling badly that such a drastic measure had to be taken since tug of war was one of Frasier's favorite games. But Frasier didn't want you to feel sorry for him. In no time he found the sweet spot where he could hold the rope where the remaining 1/4 of his lower jaw remained and succeeded in pulling so hard that his owner sustained a shoulder injury. Sorry, Mr. Miner.frazier4_1.JPG

Then, after successful surgery on his jaw, Frasier went on to develop lymphoma and had to come see us for many chemo treatments and blood tests that enabled him to be with us longer. He didn't mind because it was the "come in to see us" part that he loved. I was continually amazed at his attitude. No matter what happened to him he just never chose to have a bad day. Frasier chose wisely.

Frasier supplied the party for everyone that met him but he was clearly the gift. We still feel your love Frasier. Everyone that knows and loves you has pulled a nice warm rug up to the fireplace in our hearts so we can keep you there forever. You are simply..... unforgettable.

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