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Posted on 09-16-2011

There is an old myth that some believe to be true that crate training is used as a punishment for a dog. In reality, a crate is used for a dog as a safety zone. The dog should feel if they are upset, uncomfortable or scared that they can use the crate as a safe haven. A dog should never be put in a crate with anger or force. A crate can be used for time out in cases of puppy training or as a place of calm for the dog. Try teaching the dog the words crate or kennel from the beginning and reinforced like any other command. Teach the dog to go into the crate to sleep or rest.

If your puppy is acting inappropriately and just needs to take a break the crate is a peJunior_1.JPGrfect way to go. It is a bad idea for you to cross the plain of the crate or bang on it out of frustration. You can leave toys or water in the crate to make the dog feel more at home.

Size can be very important as well. Make sure your dog can stand up, turn around and lay down in the crate without more than a little extra space. A crate that is too big can allow the puppy or dog to go potty in there and still move away from it and sleep comfortably. A dog does not usually like to soil the bed where they sleep. A crate that grows with your puppy such as a Life Stages crate with dividers works nicely. Some dogs may chew at bedding or towels left in the crate and if that happens simply remove all bedding but leave appropriate chew toys for the dog to play with.

A dog or puppy should not be left in their crate for more time than they can hold their bladder. A good rule of thumb is the dogs age in months plus 1. After 6-8 months of age the dog would normally be able to hold their bladder for a normal workday of 8 hours.

For any further questions or instructions please contact us. We serve the Chester county area including Chester Springs, Exton, Downingtown and Glenmoore. We would be happy to assist you.

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