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Posted on 09-23-2011

The key to maintaining your pets health is not only proper feeding, exercising and vet care, but also caring for their coat.

As a groomer with 20 years experience, I feel it is most important to introduce grooming at an early/young age. Getting your pet used to the feeling they will experience at a grooming salon will be very helpful. Touching and playing with their ears and feet, plus introducing the brushing process will allow your pet to be less stressed when going to the groomer. They will also experience new sounds at the groomer such as barking dogs, running water, blow dryers and clippers. As a result, the grooming process can be a scary and stressful event. groomingLolly_1.jpg

True or False

1. Shaving down my dog or cat will make them cooler in the warmer weather.

False: Dog's and cat's coats are made to keep them warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. That is why they shed more just before spring and fall.

2. Trimming my dogs nails on a regular basis will help keep the kwik shorter. (Kwik is the vein in the nails)

True: The shorter you keep your dogs nails, the less the kwik will grow out. Walking your dog on surfaces such as blacktop and sidewalks will also keep them filed down. This does not do the job completely so you will need to regularly check your dogs nails.

3. If my pet's coat is matted and I give them a bath, mats will come out.

False: If your pet's coat is matted the worst thing you can do is get them wet. Once matted fur gets wet, the mats become tighter to the skin as it dries. As a result, your pet's hair coat may need to be "shaved down".groom_Lolly_1.jpg

4. I should have my pet groomed an a regular basis.

True: Most pets require grooming every 6-10 weeks. Some other breeds such as Labs, Boxers, and mixes with shorter coats usually need grooming every 3-4 months.

5. It is ok to bathe my pet on a weekly basis.

False: A routine bath for your pet should be done not more than once a month. Too much bathing can strip the oils from their coat and skin. Also, do not use human product shampoos on your pet. Your pet's ph balance is different from humans.

It is best to have good communication with your groomer. This will hopefully help your pet and groomer have a good relationship during the grooming process. If you have any questions or concerns about grooming please call our office. We serve the Chester county area including Chester Springs, Exton, Downingtown and Glenmoore.

Vicki Guy, Head Vet Tech


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