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Eagle Animal Hospital

Spay and Neuter Services


Spay and neuter surgery is a very important procedure that can benefit the pet as well as the community. As a full-service animal vet clinic for dogs, cats and small animals, serving Exton, Downingtown and Glenmoore, Eagle Animal Hospital in Chester Springs has a team of expert vets backed by an equally knowledgeable veterinary staff with extensive experience in spay and neuter surgeries. The procedures eliminate a pet's ability to reproduce. Spaying consists of removing the ovaries and uterus of an animal, a procedure known as an ovariohysterectomy. Neutering consists of removing a male animal's testicles. Pet owners can schedule a spay and neuter surgery as soon as their pets reach 6 month of age. Pets are placed under anesthesia during the procedure and generally go home that same day.

Spaying and Neutering Procedures

One of the major benefits of spaying and neutering is reducing the number of unwanted animals, both in Chester Springs and across the nation. The Humane Society of the United States estimates between 6 and 8 million homeless animals enter shelters on any given year.

Even if pet owners think they can find homes for the new puppies or kittens , they often cannot. The unwanted animals in the shelters are generally not from strays, but rather from pet owners who did not have their pets spayed or neutered.

A pet's health, behavior and well-being can be enhanced by a spay and neuter surgery. Pets that undergo the procedure, especially at a young age, are not as likely to stray far from home with the goal of reproducing. Spaying eliminates the nervous pacing, crying and mess associated with a pet in heat. Neutering can reduce or eliminate undesirable male pet behaviors, such as humping, male aggression and urine marking.

Female pets that are spayed before their first cycle are at a reduced risk of breast cancer and at no risk of uterine cancer and infections. Male pets that have been neutered have no risk of prostate gland enlargement and testicular cancer as well as a reduced risk of perianal tumors.

Some pet owners may wrongly think the procedure will make a pet fat and lazy. A pet becomes fat and lazy as a result of overfeeding and under-exercise, not a spay and neuter surgery. Others believe neutering male pets will take away their identity or somehow make them less protective of the family. Again, this belief is false. Dogs will innately protect their home and family while animals do not have the same gender concepts or identity as humans do.

If you have questions about spay and neuter procedures, or would like to schedule a procedure, please call us at 610-458-8789.

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