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Feline Vaccine Protocol
8 weeks - Fvrcp
12 weeks - Fvrcp Booster, Felv, Rabies (per Pennsylvania state law)
16 weeks - Fvrcp Booster, Felv Booster

A Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus test is recommended at your kittens first visit.

A fecal sample to test for intestinal parasites is recommended at 8, 12, and 16 weeks of age, then at their yearly wellness exam.

After 1st year of age, Fvrcp and Rabies vaccines are given every 3 years. Felv is recommended yearly.

Rabies: Transmissible to people, this virus causes brain and spinal cord inflammation and eventually death. It is transmitted via saliva from infected animals. Rabies is almost always fatal.

FVRCP: Protects against three highly contagious viruses. FVR = Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis -causes upper respiratory symptoms . C= Calicivirus -causes upper respiratory symptoms. P= Panleukopenia "feline distemper” -causes damage to the bone marrow, lymph nodes and the cells lining the intestine.

Felv: Feline Leukemia Virus - causes disease that depresses the immune system.

What to expect after your kittens vaccines
Some kittens have no side effects at all. Some may experience mild side effects such as decreased physical exercise, or pain at the injection site. These side effects should subside in 1-2 days. More severe side effects (uncommon reactions) include: vomiting, diarrhea, swelling of the face, hives. If any of these side effects occur, call our office as soon as you notice them.

Females should be spayed at 6 months of age. We recommend spaying before the first heat cycle, which typically happens around 7-8 months.

Males should be neutered around 6 months.

Pre-Anesthetic blood work is performed 1 to 8 weeks before surgery is scheduled.

A microchip is a permanent ID that links your pet to you. A Home Again microchip is placed between your pets shoulder blades at time of spay/neuter.

Brushing Your Kittens Teeth
At home, practice opening your pet’s mouth and lift your pet’s lips on a daily basis. After they are comfortable with that sensation, start rubbing your fingers on their gums and teeth on a daily basis. We offer toothpaste specific for pets (Petsmile), dental treats and dental diets. Please wait until adult teeth are present before brushing. Appropriate chew toys can also help maintain your pet’s oral health, these can be found on the VOHC website (Veterinary Oral Health Council).

Flea/Tick and Heartworm Prevention
Revolution is a topical solution applied monthly for cats that will spend time outdoors .

Revolution Plus kills fleas, ticks, and prevents heartworm disease. It also treats and control ear mites, roundworms and hookworms.

Begin grooming early so your kitten gets used to being handled by you and other people (veterinarians and groomers). Using a soft bristle brush, gently stroke his/her back a few times; try brushing while your kitten is drowsy in your lap. To desensitize the feet for nail trimming, start by touching your kittens paws and gently extruding their claws. Gradually, try trimming a nail or two while giving treats. Delectables are a very effective distraction.

Pet Insurance
Healthy Paws

Veterinary recommended diets:
Hill’s Science Diet
Purina Pro Plan
Purina One
Royal Canin

Feeding instructions differ by brand and can be found on the bag.

Environmental Enrichment 
Provide a litter tray in a quiet place and clean it regularly. Cats are often reluctant to use a dirty tray or one located in a busy area. The golden rule for the number of litterboxes per house  is 1 litterbox per cat, plus one.

Provide your cat with a comfortable resting place - They tend to prefer a higher one with a good view. Cats love vertical space!

Provide scratching posts in several locations so they can mark territory, strengthen muscles and sharpen claws. Pay attention to what your cat likes to scratch, such as cardboard, sisal, carpet, etc. Cats like to scratch vertically and they enjoy being where you are.

Keep them active! Provide opportunities for daily exercise to keep them fit and healthy. Dream up new ways for your cat to stay active, both physically and mentally. Cats can easily become frustrated and bored.

Toys that encourage hunting are a great way to keep cats active, engaged, and rewarded with a treat. 

Dabird Wand Toys

Cheerble Ball

Doc & Phoebes Cat co. Indoor Hunter Feeder

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