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Although Eagle Animal Hospital offers urgent and emergency care at our full-service Chester Springs animal clinic, we highly recommend a pet wellness plan to help deter future health issues. Our dedicated vets, Dr. David Matunis and Dr. Jennifer Granite, are backed by an experienced and compassionate staff. We emphasize the importance of a wellness plan to maintain a pet's fitness level and overall health. We specialize in the care of dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and small animal pocket pets, such as rats, hamsters and gerbils, and each has a wellness plan that best suits their needs.

Pet Wellness Enhances Health, Happiness and
Longevity for Exton and Downingtown Animals

A pet wellness plan begins as soon as a new pet comes home. The first step is a series of preventative procedures to ensure an animal starts off down the healthiest path possible. Spay and neuter are vital for maintaining a pet's good health and deterring unwanted behaviors, and our veterinary team typically performs these procedures at 6 months of age.

Vaccinations are imperative for reducing the risk and severity of future infections and diseases. Dogs and cats both require regular rabies vaccinations, with additional vaccinations that meet species-specific needs. A range of "core" vaccinations are available for dogs and cats, as are "non-core" vaccinations for unique health conditions. Because young puppies and kittens are extremely susceptible to infectious disease, a pet's early vaccination schedule usually consists of a series of vaccinations every three to four weeks until they are at least 16 weeks old.

Regular Chester Springs veterinary exams are also part of a pet wellness plan, consisting of annual checkups and additional visits as needed. Our Chester Springs vets administer thorough health checks and offer a host of other services such as dental care, dermatology, radiology and laboratory services with advanced, state-of-the-art equipment.

Nutrition plays a huge part in pet wellness, and our vets can recommend high-quality, nutritional foods for dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, rodents and other small pocket pets. Our experienced team also knows what nutrients and vitamins are essential for overall good health as well as beneficial for specific animal ailments and conditions.

Exercise is vital to a pet's health, both physically and mentally. Specific dog breeds, for instance, are happiest and healthiest when they are given tasks, games and challenges to deter boredom and destructive behavior. Our Chester Springs animal vet clinic staff can advise on the best type and frequency of exercise for pets, whether it's a Great Dane or a Persian cat, a Norway rat or a crafty, quick ferret.

Dr. David Matunis and Dr. Jennifer Granite have been serving the needs of Chester Springs, Exton and Downingtown pets since they purchased Eagle Animal Hospital in 2008. Those needs have included specific animal wellness plans, tailored for each individual pet to ensure the healthiest, happiest and longest life possible.

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